Zerzetsen VI

To view a transcript of one of the recorded telephone threats, click on http://tinyurl.com/ExamplesZerzetsenThreats

Objecting thoroughly to this dishonest move by the judge, I then interrupted the Judgment,  telling the Judge as the approved court transcript shows ~

~~This is disgraceful. Thats an outrageous suggestion. You should be ashamed. Theres recorded evidence of death threats in police hands. You haven’t checked with the witnesses. This
is a legal lynching”~~

It should not be thought that the judge made an honest mistake because of the unusual nature of my defense (intimidation and government cover up). He was aware of other unusual things such as defense evidence disappearing from his own Court Papers. This Judge had been fixed. He also refused to examine exculpatory evidence that would back up my contention of threats, intimidation and cover up.

As the court transcript also shows, the judge had:

1. Refused to call a single witness to the threats, and some of the threats are recorded.
2. Refused to examine a letter written 5 days (28/7/06) before the 2nd hearing proving that a Police Chief Superintendent was taking my complaint of threats seriously.
3. Refused to review the documentary evidence, primarily letters from

Cabinet Minister Hazel Blears, in the hearing that prove the cover up the evidence that he agreed had disappeared from his court papers.
4. The Judge was unable to explain why this defense evidence had

disappeared from the court for the 1st court hearing, only to reappear for the

2nd hearing after I made a written complaint to the Judge evidence he then refused to look at, or discuss.
5. The Judge refused to examine a letter, dated 19/04/2005, from Chris Elliott Managing Editor of the Guardian accepting that earlier copies of this same documentary evidence had disappeared from the Guardians secure offices. The fact that I can prove that written evidence from Cabinet Ministers et al had disappeared twice would have put an honest judge on guard that something very unusual was indeed happening.

MI5/6 had used a dishonest judge to lend credibility to a misinformation campaign to smear me with rumors of madness (presumably the Judges handlers wanted it in the Judgment so they could quote it to others). This Big Lie Technique worked since the growing support I had with MPs, and the media disappeared almost overnight.

As MI5 / MI6 do not want this shocking evidence of Zerzetsen torture coming out in open court, they resort to SMEARS.                                                  As Dr. L. Dove reports, victims of Zerzetsen in the UK will be accused of paranoia as a part of the actions taken against them by the security services. On Page 19, item 8 of this Paper is a summary of how MI5 got award winning journalist Denis Lehane wrongly certified and locked in a mental hospital (his crime he was asked by MI5 / CIA to spy for them, and reported on it). Read it and one will understand just quite how crooked this judge is.

The Zerzetsen formula used is First to Threaten, Then to Cover-Up by Ensuring No Honest Investigation Takes Place, Then to Say you are Nuts when you complain about the Cover-Up

What is the other evidence available?

The Approved Court Transcript of the hearings is available, as are all the written submissions and evidence submitted by me to the Court (and receipted by the court as having been submitted). The letters referred to in 2 and 5, above, that the judge refused to look at, from the Police and The Guardian are also available. And of course significant independent witness testimony to corroborate, recorded death threats, and evidence of property damage is also available to verify.

Basically read the Court approved transcript of the Judgment Note that while the Judge was eager to smear me he was not eager to call witnesses to the threats, or examine any of the 3rd party documentary evidence relating to the cover up. As I told the Judge after the hearing, in presence of
Plaintiffs Council, this was a fix (to lend credibility to an MI5 smear campaign). The matter was appealed on grounds of unjust hearing bias of the Judge. Four years later no date has yet been set. There are witnesses aplenty to the threats, and I will happily undergo any form of examination by honest people

Copies of all documents referred to are available for inspection by seriously interested parties. They are on pdf files and constitute about 200 pages.

The preceding 16 pages (i.e. that constitute Chapter 4 of this Paper), summarize some of the areas of cover up, and include URL references to a small portion of the documentary evidence. What is described here is just the tip of the iceberg; the overall cover-up conspiracy is much more extensive than the few items précised in this paper.

It is necessary only for the good man to do nothing for evil to triumph.
Edmund Burke

Chapter 5: Zerzetsen Death Threats / No- Touch Torture. A List of the Threats

The UK Intelligence Services MI5, MI6 and Canadas CSIS are known

to practice Zerzetsen torture, though they deny it formally. In Chapter

2, page 17 to 20, 10 examples are described showing where Zerzetsen has happened to others top journalists, senior diplomats, company chairman. It is not as uncommon as one thinks. This Chapter provides numerous specific examples of the different threats than have been made against my family. This Chapter is essentially - A LIST OF THREATS MADE. A transcript of some of the telephone death threats is as follows:

These Zerzetsen Threats can be Divided into four categories of Threats:

◦   Category 1 – Direct Zerzetsen threats.
Death threats, shots fired at you, vehicles driven at you, your children threatened, property smashed into, etc.

◦     Category 2 - A thousand indirect threats
Aggressive (in your face) surveillance and telephone tapping, prowlers, numerous calls with no one on the line, street theatre, harassed out of apartment, etc

◦     Category 3 – Bureaucratic harassment
Constant harassment from government agencies and utility companies, designed to make everyday life difficult. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy CSIS can poison every part of a person's life.

◦     Category 4 – The Government Cover-up Conspiracy

Category 1 Direct   Zerzetsen Threats (Some

Shots fired, a car run into his house, threatening phone calls to his children, a motorbike run directly at him, he is under surveillance, and he can’t find work as people are scared to
hire him.

There follows a selection of 6 of the many major threats showing that some have significant sources of 3rd party corroborative evidence for proof, whereas some can only be corroborated by family testimony.

     Recorded death threats, vehicle smashed into property

on same day.

--23/3/05 Cover-up documentation mysteriously disappears from The Guardian’s secure offices in Manchester Letter from their editor confirms this.
--1-2/4/05 Eldest son in Birmingham receives multiple telephone death

threats. They are recorded and in police hands. Also independently witnessed. Crime number 20/E2/3302/05 is issued by police. Police confirm threats made from stolen phone. Click on this URL http://tinyurl.com/ExamplesZerzetsenThreats  for a transcript of a few of the threats.
--2/4/05 My flat in Manchester smashed into by vehicle the next night. Massive 3rd party evidence available since it woke up the whole apartment block and there was considerable property damage for further verification. 4 family members in flat at the time and woken up the crash was a hell of a bang, and the whole apartment shook like in an earthquake.
--4 other incidents in this series of threats, including sexual threats against an independent female witness.

     Shots fired, etc

--Nov 2007--Shots fired into the living room of my eldest sons house in Birmingham. Reported to police (with spent shot handed in) by my son and a German National who were joint complainants and witnesses. Witness further intimidated in this series of threats.

     Laser Incident

--20/5/04 Sent an email to a known Grosvenor contact in Mayfair, London asking for fair play. Email is available
--21/5/04 Severely damaging download sent to my computer. Computer

can be made available.

--22/5/04 A high powered laser beam (possibly a strobe) was fired at me where I was working on the computer in my living room on the third floor. The beam lit the room up as if a flair had been set off inside, and made a huge noise as it came through the glass windowpane. My wife and I were present in the room as witnesses. Two other incidents in this series. The criminal may have turned up to orchestrate the fun in a new Rolls Royce that I had seen outside the building just before the incident - I suggested the police check to see if the nearby ducal estate or Grosvenor Hotel in Chester had any record of using/hiring a Rolls on that date.

     Raymond Incident

--28/5/04 From Manchester called my daughter, Amy, then a student at Aberdeen University. In this private phone call told her about the laser incident and said a fool turned up in a Rolls Royce to watch the fun.
-- 40 minutes later I received a telephone death threat from Raymond with my wife present. I called him back later with two witnesses on the line. He mentioned the security organization (could have been service). Police later

confirmed Raymond was using a stolen phone. Also further proof that my phones were being tapped.
--29/5/04my daughter Amy was threatened in Aberdeen.

◦     The Motorbike Incident

--13/6/01accelerated a motorbike fast at me in London I jumped, it swerved and missed me by about 3 inches. This happened close to a huge police station that is by Victoria Train Station. 15 minutes later walking along Turks Row (by York House) a car stopped beside me and the driver pointed out, in a threatening manner, how easy it would be to kill me.
--Next few daysI was noticeably under surveillance around London.

     Amy threatened by intelligence operative in Calgary

--My brother-in-law (a Canadian and Scots CA who is Chief Financial Officer of Pembina Corporation) in Calgary attempted to provide help to look into this issue. It became abundantly clear that the help (lawyers, private eyes, etc.) was getting scared off. There is huge 3rd party evidence of this.
--24/7/06 -- by email and phone call I asked my daughter Amy (now working in Calgary) to write down all that was happening to the help.
--26/7/06 Amy was accosted and physically manhandled on the street in

Downtown Calgary as she crossed under the 8th. Street Bridge. The hood

had followed her from her place of work. As he stopped her from moving and banged her on the shoulder, he said “Don’t do it. Just don’t do it (i.e. don’t write the report that I had asked her to write about the "help" being scared off).
The police booked a crime number. The officer said he could tell that from his

modus operendi that Amys assailant had had intelligence operational training (MI5 or CSIS?).

The above is a small selection - There have been dozens of other major threats.

Category 2 a thousand indirect Zerzetsen threats

The crime of criminal intimidation is psychological torture and meant to be. A pattern of Psychological torture is as much torture as physical torture and it is designed to break people.

The philosophy that underlies the lesser Zerzetsen threats was developed by the Stasi, and the UK press has reported that MI5 is using it today. Unlike the major threats, no direct verbal threat is ever made, yet by setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, MI5/MI6 & CSIS can poison every part of a person's life.

There follows a pattern of the lesser Zerzetsen threats that have happened to us. Police who have experience in these issues will recognize this sort of pattern.

     In West Vancouver in the 1st 18 months alone we received 500 plus telephone calls with nobody on the line.
     11 clear incidents of Street Theatre. Such as a man in Manchester

pretending to have been stabbed, and a woman panicking beside him (all an act). Other incidents: Cars gyrating around me presenting false plates that sent the message rat/gag, and another car gyrating that had replaced a plate with a sign that just read mafia, etc. etc.
     Strangers (many times) talking to me on the Street quite normally,

and then introducing just a comment or a hint that shows that they know about the intimidation. E.g. in Manchester I was having a problem with hoods who were sending threats using false car number plates. A woman talked to me casually on the street. Suddenly she said her friend used false plates and the police were scared of him.

     Cars following me around many times. Several times they waited in my driveway then in West Vancouver for me to come out of the house and would drive off just as I came out the door and I would see the same car wherever I went.
     Periodic appearance of being under surveillance so that you know it.

     A hood moved into my last apartment building in Calgary all sorts of problems surfaced, and we got harassed out of it and moved. 3rd party evidence available.
     Constant aggressive phone tapping (MI5 & CSIS). Evidence to back it


     Mail post, email interfered with and email interference used to intimidate. Massive sophisticated computer downloads and spy programs used.

Substantial sources of evidence exist to verify each of the above points. A list of this evidence has been provided to the police.

Category 3   Ongoing bureaucratic harassment

Constant harassment from government agencies, utility companies, etc. designed to make lots of little things go wrong.

     Lots of it in Calgary. I have huge 3rd party documentary proof to prove bureaucratic harassment designed to constantly cause me problems a Zerzetsen tactic documented by the Stasi for their training programs. Particularly noticeable during the period I was complaining to Federal Politicians and Prime Minister Harper about the cover-up conspiracy in Canada. Matter was stopped after written complaints to two Alberta Deputy Ministers and The Attorney General.

     Bureaucratic harassment is used to make routine everyday things problematic for their victim as part of the Stasi strategy to

undermine, subvert and corrode their victim by manipulating bureaucracies to cause unnecessary problems for their victim.

     For example threats to cut off my electricity my telephone going haywire my mail going array medical insurance cancelled for no reason. All of these get sorted out, but they are an ongoing harassing nuisance The clerks involved don’t understand what is happening because their systems and processes are being messed around by the CSIS secret police and they don’t understand it

Just take the electricity example! Here, the electricity company threatened to cut off my electricity for non payment, but I didn’t know what to pay since I had not received any invoices. So I contact the company and ask for an invoice. But no invoice arrives, just more cut off notices. This happens 5 times, and nobody can explain. Finally its resolved. Meanwhile my telephone is going haywire. This is resolved. Dealing with another government agency they can’t find my file it has disappeared from their office. And so on.

Category 4   The Government Cover-up Conspiracy

     Two Governments are involved in the cover-up conspiracy, as indeed their intelligence services are involved in the threats UK & Canada. For details go to Chapter 4, page 31 to 46 - State Cover-up Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice

     The cover-up conspiracy is intimidation by itself, because the effective message of cover-up is: You are on your own without protection; MI5/6 & CSIS are above the law. For details, go to "Chapter 7, page
60 - Role of MI5, MI6, CSIS intelligence agencies in Zerzetsen"

Chapter 6: Neutering our Human Rights Industry Amnesty International, CHRC, The Guardian

A truly free press is one of the essential pillars of democracy. Without a free press it is hard to see how real democracy can function. Human Rights organizations that can stand against the power of government and the establishment are equally important for democracy.

What this Paper shows is that when the high establishment pulls their chain it doesn't take much for our human rights institutions and the press to throw every concept of rule of law and democracy to the wind.

This Paper is about the use by our intelligence services in the

UK and Canada of STASI developed no-touch torture techniques

(Zerzetsen), yet what is interesting is the absence of the human rights industry.

Consider the following:

The Guardian

In 2005 I went to The Guardian in Manchester, UK and met with their then Northern Correspondent. I showed him correspondence from UK-Cabinet Minister Hazel Blears (then responsible for MI5 and Special Branch) that proves that my complaints of serious human rights abuses (Zerzetsen torture) are being covered-up. He was appalled and told me that he would recommend to his Editor that an investigative journalist be put on the case. The Editor turned him down.

Threatened for visiting The Guardian ~

Returning home from The Guardians Office my wife and I were threatened. A week later my eldest son (then in Birmingham, UK) received a series of very nasty telephone death threats, which he recorded. 24 hours later they smashed a vehicle into my house in Manchester. Meanwhile my documentation had disappeared from The Guardian’s secure office. A year later I filed copies of this same documentation with a Court in Manchester, and it disappeared again for the second time (stealing critical documentation from secure offices is a known MI5 tactic).

Now The Guardian had every right not to publish my story, but it seems to me that The Guardian failed in its professional responsibility to protect its sources since these threatening incidents were clearly meant to punish us for going to the Guardian not to mention the theft of my documentation that they were responsible for. I had booked my appointment at The Guardian in person, and nobody except the paper’s staff knew we had met with them.

Attached is a letter from the Guardians Editor confirming the disappearance of my documentation, a few of the letters from Cabinet Minister Hazel Blears that shocked their correspondent, and a transcript of the death threats.

Is our Media Censored by Elites?

“Noam Chomsky may have come closest to an explanation when he explains that the Media (and I would also add in Human Rights Organizations) will follow the Establishment Line wherever Establishment Elites have a broad consensus - and that a small highly placed group of elites forms a consensus on its own, if there is no opposition from anybody powerful.

Former Sunday Times Editor Harold Evans further explains this apparent censorship in his book the paper chase saying that, when it comes to the establishment, the UK Press, which he describes as being only half-free, has a history of Reservatio Mentalis (closing ones mind to unpleasant truths) to make obedience easier.

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