Zerzetsen III


It is important to understand the high level connections outlined in this paper; Stasi-style Zerzetsen torture is a crime of the intelligence services, and powerful establishment elites. Once these elites have MI5/MI6 & CSIS on side, people are scared to help.

The real story should be the institutionalized wall of OMERTA that these high establishment figures seem able to surround themselves with. Whatever happened to equality before the law?

There is sufficient evidence to prove Zerzetsen torture and a government cover-up conspiracy to the full criminal beyond a reasonable doubt standard, several times over.

It is the involvement of the Canadian State (CSIS with Zerzetsen torture; Canadas government with its systemic cover-up conspiracy) that turns these crimes into a serious Human Rights issue, and this is why they were brought to the attention of  Prime Minister Harper.

The measure of a countrys integrity is not whether societies adhere to “Rule of Law” most of the time, but whether they still adhere to Rule of Law when it becomes inconvenient for their Establishment Elites to do so.

These crimes were covered-up at the highest levels of government in Canada and the UK -- Simply because our politicians are scared of their own intelligence services; as are the press and our human rights organizations.

That our politicians are scared to enforce Rule of Law is symptomatic of a crisis in democracy

It is necessary only for the good man to do nothing for evil to triumph."

Edmund Burke (1729-97)

Zerzetsen is more common than one thinks. There are  many precedents. Take a look at Chapter 2, pages 17 to 20 for a description of other Canadian and British victims of Zerzetsen journalists, police officers, senior diplomats, the CEO of a large Co.
with CIA & MI6 links. Kick the tire. Google their names into the

internet, and see their stories of Zerzetsen for yourself.

A Stasi-style Zerzetsen persecution could not happen in a real democracy.  Either there would be an honest investigation of my well-witnessed complaints, or I would be prosecuted for making false accusations. Since either choice would involve the evidence coming out in open court, neither will happen hence Omerta rather than Justice.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of democracy

Thomas Jefferson

Chapter 2: ZERZETSEN Torture - Is a serious HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE

My story is not unique. Examples of where Zerzetsen torture has happened to others are outlined below. This chapter also shows why Zerzetsen is legally defined as torture. For actual examples of Zerzetsen threats, go to Chapter 5, pages 47 to 53

This chapter covers the following topics:

      Precedents Ten other cases of Zerzetsen by MI5/6 & CSIS

      Why Zerzetsen Torture is a Human Rights Abuse

◦     How Strong is the Proof of Torture and Cover-up?

◦     Grosvenor and its Establishment Relationships

Precedents Other cases of Zerzetsen torture by

MI5/6 & CSIS

The following 10 cases show examples of where Zerzetsen has happened to others top journalists, police officers, senior diplomats, company chairman. It is not as uncommon as you think. In each of these cases you can Google their details into the internet, and see it for yourself. The pattern of Zerzetsen is remarkably similar. Kick the tire, and see for yourself:

1. In an article published on 10 Oct 2004 in the prestigious UK Sunday Times headlined Lies, Threats and Whistleblowers journalist Liam Clarke reports how honest UK police officers were persecuted by UK intelligence using Zerzetsen tactics to keep them quiet. Mr. Clarke

describes the case of a former special branch police officer a whistle- blower. He is subjected to death threats and he can’t find work.
Sounds familiar? It does to me. Referring to this Zerzetsen treatment,

Mr. Clarke says (quote) about the use of  Zerzetsen in the UK alone it

is a phenomenon I have witnessed many times before.

2. 15 years ago UK mainstream newspaper The Independent reported that a Police Chief, John Alderson, former Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall had voiced concern about the direction that MI5 was heading, stating - MI5 .. Infiltrate organizations, people's jobs
and lives. They operate almost like a cancer. At the moment the acorn of a Stasi has been planted Zerzetsen was developed by the former GDR secret police "The Stasi" to persecute dissidents. Canadas equivalent of MI5 -  CSIS - was formed in 1984 with the assistance of MI5 and uses similar techniques.

3. Then there is former UKForeign Office whistleblower Mark Higson who was persecuted to his death as described in Chapter 1 of this Paper.
He is not the only former senior UK Diplomat and Whistleblower currently being persecuted. Zerzetsen is more common than one thinks.

4. Closely parallel to Zerzetsen, but not involving the intelligence services, is gang stalking. One individual has compiled a list of over
800 victims of gang stalking. Some years ago it was widely reported

that Tony Pellicano (subsequently imprisoned) made a business of terrorizing enemies of his Hollywood clients.

5. As former Astra Chairman and CEO, Gerald R. James, wrote in reference to his persecution following whistle blowing that was embarrassing to MI5, MI6 I was subjected to harassment, burglaries surveillance, bugging, telephone tapping my

family suffered considerably my brother was killed in an accident never satisfactorily explained.

6. Citing other cases like Matrix Churchill, Ordtec, Euromac, Atlantic Commercial, BNJ, SRC, Forgemasters, Walter Somers, Polly Peck, Foxley Ferranti/ISC, BCCI, Maxwell, as well as Astra, Mr. Gerald R. James writes that they all involved the gross abuse of power by Government, concealment of key evidence, intimidation, threats... perversion of the course of justice. He then goes on to discuss the cover-up conspiracy stating Politicians and civil servants and other leading figures who get out of line can be surveyed or bugged and then threatened, blackmailed, framed up or worse.

7. On May 31, 2006 Journalist Colin Freeze in Canadas “The Globe and Mail points out that CSIS has used something similar to a milder form of Zerzetsen, though he doesnt use the word Zerzetsen. Under the headline lacking a case, CSIS disrupted suspects life Apparently officials adopted ... diffuse and disrupt methods ... clients complain of harassment by authorities [and being] followed everywhere by Canadian agents.

A former Canadian intelligence insider has recently (July 2010) written to several journalists (one of whom copied me) claiming that CSIS is currently using Zerzetsen to persecute other victims, including himself. Apparently  CSIS calls Zerzetsen D & D (disrupt & diffuse).

8. A review of the book Unperson, A Life Destroyed quotes how this award winning journalist,  Denis Lehane, refused to work undercover for the CIA and MI5 who, in revenge spread [false] rumors that he was insane, an alcoholic and a serial rapist . He was [ later on in London] arrested on a trumped-up charge of terrorism,

forbidden to choose any lawyers, tried in his absence and condemned to a psychiatric prison Mr. Lehane is no madman and was hastily released after another journalist began a TV documentary on his story. This is a severe form of ZERZETSEN by the UK’s MI5 intelligence agency and even the STASI were not usually as filthy as this.  To see the book review click on:

9. Quote from: Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights Direct threats to him/her [the victim] or to a relative are by far the most common form of torture.                                                                   Referring to the abuses” developed in the late GDR that it called Zerzetsung, the Center goes on to state they [Zerzetsung] could easily, inconspicuously be implemented by democratic systems.

10. The Stasi produced huge documentation on Zersetzung (note the spelling is different); some of it can be viewed (in German) using internet search engines. Anna Funder wrote an excellent book (in English) called Stasiland. And note journalist Liam Clarkes statement that he had seen use of Zerzetsen by UK intelligence many times.

Why Zerzetsen Torture is a Human Rights Abuse?

Zerzetsen is torture and as such is a severe abuse of human rights. It is a breach of the UN Convention on Human Rights, of The EU Code, and of most countries own human rights laws. Both through the involvement of MI5, MI6, CSIS in carrying out the crimes, and in their cover-up conspiracies, the Governments of the UK and Canada are practicing torture. Prime Minister Harper and former Prime Minister Blair are aware of the facts.

By definition - Torture means any act or omission by which pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person One severe

act such as threatening ones family members is usually enough to demonstrate mental torture, though usually there is a pattern. We have had both many times over.

Definitions of torture

The UN Convention against Torture defines torture as torture means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as intimidating or coercing him or a third person when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official.

Inter-American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture, ratified by

17 nations of the Americas, defines torture more expansively than the UN Convention Against Torture Torture shall be understood to be any act intentionally performed whereby physical or mental pain or suffering is inflicted on a person for a means of intimidation as a preventive measure or for any other purpose. Torture shall also be understood to be the use of methods upon a person intended to obliterate the personality of
the victim or to diminish his physical or mental capacities, even if they do not

cause physical pain or mental anguish.

Quote from: Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights “Direct threats to him/her or to a relative are by far the most common form of torture. And we have had plenty of this.

Proof Zerzetsen is torture

To prove torture one has to show that there has been:

1. Severe and prolonged suffering, and

2. State Involvement

1- Severe and prolonged suffering:

You only have to look at Chapter 1 of this Paper under the paragraph heading What it is like to be a victim of Zerzetsen to see a pattern of severe and prolonged suffering - such as threats against ones family.

Then go to Chapter 5 of this Paper headed Zerzetsen Death Threats - Psychological Torture to see a list of some of these horrible crimes, with dates, witness names, etc. It defines the threats into four categories, and provides details within each category:
(1) - Direct Threats: such as shots fired, recorded death threat messages,

vehicles smashed into property, etc;

(2) - Indirect threats: a thousand threats such as street theatre, continuous surveillance, following/stalking, harassed out of apartment, etc;
(3) Ongoing bureaucratic harassment, and

(4) The cover up conspiracy.

2 - State Involvement:

Involvement of officials of the State in the acts of torture such as the intelligence services MI5, MI6, CSIS directly in some of these acts or of police, officials and politicians in covering them up.

     Look at Chapter 7, pages 60 to 63 Role of MI5, MI6, and CSIS Intelligence Agencies in Zerzetsen. They show clear proof of involvement of MI5/6 & CSIS in the torture.

     Then look at Chapter 4, pages 31 to 46 Government Cover-up Conspiracy UK and Canada.  It shows clear proof governments are involved in a cover-up to pervert the course of justice. Note the huge amount of documentary evidence that proves cover-up.

     Details of the types of threats can be seen by going to Chapter 5 Zerzetsen Death Threats / Psychological Torture.

     There are multiple witnesses to support my allegations of threats and cover-up, and before speaking out I made every attempt to go through normal channels - police, politicians.

Zerzetsen (or Zersetzung) is torture by definition, as it was deliberately designed by the former GDR secret police the STASI to be torture.

How strong is the proof of Torture?

As outlined later in this Paper:

◦     3rd party evidence proves that 17  major threatening incidents have happened. Include corroborative evidence from family members for verification and about 50 threatening incidents are proven.  Go to Chapter
5 (Zerzetsen death threats / psychological torture) for an evidentiary list of some of the reported Zerzetsen threats. A URL link to a transcript of some of these threats is also included in Chapter 5. Note the significant amount of evidence that is available to verify witnesses to corroborate, recorded death threats, property damage, etc.

The cover-up conspiracy is 100% provable from independent 3rd party evidence alone. Cover-Up by the State is as much criminal intimidation as it is cover-up. Note the huge amount of 3rd Party documentary evidence available to prove a cover-up conspiracy. It begs the question - What have the Authorities got to hide?  Go to Chapter 4: Government Cover-up Conspiracy - UK & Canada” pages 31 to 46 for details of some of the cover up conspiracy.

     Clear proof of MI5, MI6 & CSIS using Zerzetsen threats in UK & Canada. See Chapter 7: Role of MI5, MI6, CSIS intelligence agencies in Zerzetsen Each of the 14 points listed in Chapter 7 have at least one source (some of the points have over 20 sources) of independent corroborative evidence to back them up for verification.

Some of the threats have linkage back to other incidents. There seems to be two direct linkages to Grosvenor and to Government. For example: (1) in a private telephone call to my daughter, I referred critically to then Chairman
of Grosvenor (Duke of Westminster). Minutes later I received a threatening phone call, and the next day my daughter was threatened. (2) In 2004 I sent a complaint to the Grosvenor Trustees and 4 incidents followed, 3 within 24 hours of their receiving the complaint. There are many other areas of linkage (over 15) that have been brought to police attention, in writing, together
with supporting evidence.

Grosvenor and its establishment relationships

Few companies are as well connected as Grosvenor. Grosvenor is one of the worlds largest property companies, and has been in business for 300 years. Its Trustees/Directors are a whos who of the worlds establishment and included a former Governor of The Bank of England. Their owner & Chairman of their Trustees is The Duke of Westminster. A former Deputy Chief of UK Defense Staff, he is Prince Charles closest friend. The Press has reported
that he has boasted about his close intelligence connections. An article in the Daily Mail dated 11/2/2007 and headlined The Duke of Westminster: so rich and so very foolish provides some background. Grosvenor was run by another man who went on to run The Duchy of Cornwall, Prince Charles's largest income source. The Chairman of their Board is the titled heir of a former UK Prime Minister. A prominent Lawyer referring to Grosvenor has said -- That organization has far too much power.

Grosvenor International - MI6 / CSIS - Slander

After I left Grosvenor International (in 1986), I was defamed behind my back and blacklisted. I had been Group Controller based in its then Head Office in Vancouver, Canada. The first Zerzetsen its purpose to make me unemployable and impoverished. The effect on my career was devastating; the lies rendered me unemployable in Canada. Since I had high earning potential, it has caused enormous financial damage. The year before I left, another ex-executive had been blacklisted I was told that a former Chairman commissioned the intelligence services (MI6) to blacklist this other ex-executive. Years later a third executive left and devastating derogatory rumors circulated about him too.

I had decided I did not want a long term career with Grosvenor, as there were a couple of things I was not comfortable with. I knew that the company had slandered other leavers and did not think it possible to job search
without Grosvenor knowing (the MI6 relationship). So I gave the company

six months notice, giving myself time to look around openly, and worked like a Trojan to ensure the smoothest possible transition. I had done an excellent job for Grosvenor, and had an excellent career track record before joining Grosvenor. As written references show, I had headed up financial reporting and corporate accounting for one of Canada’s top 10 multinationals, and had a history of achievement and promotion in various positions since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with what is now a Big 4 firm. During the notice period, I was twice asked by Grosvenor to reconsider my resignation, and refused to do so. I expected the job search to be smooth since I had been courted by head-hunters in the past in fact I had already been blacklisted.

The professional campaign of slander and defamation is outlined next in Chapter 3: The Big Lie Strategy.

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